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The project addresses the collective of women with disabilities in order to identify the barriers they confront in different aspects of their lives, and to promote solutions and best practices for their integration and empowerment in the society.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To do a research analysis on the barriers facing disabled women in their everyday life, from qualitative and quantitative points of view, with involvement of disabled women in the research.
  • On the base of the results of the research and of the experience of the actresses in the specific topic, we will search a new ontological methodology for the integration of these women in their different living environments.
  • To identify particular case studies for validation, by hearing the voices of women living with disabilities.
  • To fix emerging best practices, in order to establish a new approach to disability and women. The project will seek to disseminate its results to the public, the citizenship in general and, and the policy actors.
  • To plan outreach activities and training of people through the exchange of personnel and sharing of knowledge and experiences.
  • To identify and adopt the best practices and the integration and inclusion results, in order to improve and promote them,and to facilitate their implementation in the very near future.

These objectives fit with the needs of a major inclusion and insertion in the (European) society of disabled women, where they are still underrepresented at all levels.

The innovation aspect in the development of the project will be represented by the attempt to fix the best practices on the base of a validation process, in order to establish new approaches to the difference and to the resolution of criticalities, to reach an acceptable level of inclusion, exploring the different conditions in the countries participating in the project, but to define an acceptable European level of inclusion.

In addition, the aim of the project is also to influence the public policy towards women and women with disability. The foreseen public engagement and the dialogue with EU bodies will enhance the results. This with the aim to help reduce inequality and social exclusion and to help face this in our changing world.